Friday, May 16, 2008

Awesome Product Alert - Nut Thins

I saw a display of Blue Diamond Nut Thins on my most recent shopping trip, on sale for $2 a box, and figured, why not? And it turns out that I'm glad I picked them up!

First taste is vaguely styrofoamy, which makes sense because they're basically a nut-flavored rice cracker. But immediately after that is a wonderful nuttiness. I want to put some goat cheese and a piece of apple on top.

I picked up the plain almond ones, but they also have the almond thins in Country Ranch, Cheddar Cheese and Smokehouse flavors, and there are hazelnut and pecan varieties too. I can't vouch for any of them other than the one I bought, but if the other flavors are as good as the almond, you'd be doing yourself a favor by picking these up.

(The above is completely unpaid, unsolicited and uncompensated.)

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