Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crunchy Fava Bean Cakes

I picked up a bunch of beautiful fresh fava beans the other day (I love spring!), and decided to make Melonfish's Crunchy Fava Bean Cakes. So today I acquired the necessary corn and cornflour (Bob's Red Mill) and was ready to go. Unfortunately, my ear of corn looked rather sad once unhusked. The kernels weren't very puffy, they looked more like miniature albino raisins. But I tasted a couple, and they seemed ok, so on I went.

Some people complain about the labor involved in shelling fava beans, but I find it relaxing. Time-consuming, but relaxing. And fun - it's amusing to see a bean shoot across the kitchen when you're trying to peel it.

Beans and corn sautéed, half pureed, mixed with flours, eggs, feta, basil and milk, then formed into patties and fried. I followed the recipe exactly, except for the puree part. I have a problem pureeing things. I blame my blender. So I minced and mashed until I got something that kind of looked like wet green sand.

Hubby was fully prepared to hate these. He saw the batter on the counter and started looking for something else to eat. I convinced him to take a bite. He did so, reluctantly, eyeing the cake suspiciously. But then his eyes lit up. "These are delicious."

We ended up eating them on baguette with a little prosciutto (and hot sauce, of course). Hubby couldn't stop raving. "Don't lose this recipe. These are great. I guess I do like fava beans."

Thanks, Melonfish!

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tammy said...

Wow, does that sound good! Well done. (By the way, you are now the proud winner of some bacon band-aids!!)

Vicki said...

Sweet! And I didn't even tell you about my oven element catching fire and necessitating cutting the power, and 10 very anxious minutes in front of the oven with a fire extinguisher.

Krizia said...

mmm the link to Melonfish's recipe + pictures look awesome. if i had time (and energy), i'd totally make these :D

Kitt said...

Oooh! Bookmarked!

aria said...

woooohoooo! i'm so glad you made them and liked them [grins]. thats so funny about your husband. mine does the same thing...

eating these with prosciutto sounds perfect -- yum! now i want to make them again

Vicki said...

Hi Krizia - These are definitely worth the time.

Hi Kitt - Don't let these get buried in the huge-bookmarked-list-of-recipes, they're so good!

Hi Aria - I think they'd be good with tzatziki sauce too, kind of like a fava bean falafel.

Kevin said...

These sound pretty tasty!