Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carne Asada is Not a Crime

Los Angeles wants to, in effect, force taco trucks out of business. A new ordinance (applicable to unincorporated LA, which is 65% of the county) requires that a taco truck be parked in the same place for no more than 1 hour, must move at least 1 mile away when it moves, and not return to it's original place for more than 3 hours. Price of violation? $1000 and possible jail time.

Most of the "complainants" aren't business owners or homeowners, but restaurants that are whiny about the "unfair" competition. Taco truck meals are cheaper, faster, and, a lot of the time, taste better. The people who own the trucks are trying to make an honest living selling (most of the time) good food. Many people (like my Hubby) have fond memories of their favorite taco truck from childhood. More importantly, many low-income families are able to treat their family to "dinner out" only because of these trucks.

Want to know more? See here and here.

Want to sign the petition to repeal the ordinance? Go here.

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